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Chapter 3201 Elections

Posted 3 months ago by Laurie Mason

Dear AORN member,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of several AORN Chapter 3201 position openings coming available in June of this year.   Having been an active member of this Chapter for the past couple of years, and having held one of the Nominating Committee positions this past year, I personally know that there is a wealth of talent, energy and forward thinking in the current membership.  Therefore, I would encourage those of you interested in holding one of the few elected positions to step forward and “throw your hat (name) in the ring”.  The positions coming open in Jure are: President, President-Elect, Secretary, Board of Directors and two Nominating Committee positions.

Holding an elected AORN office position can be personal rewarding and have career enhancing benefits.  More important, your active participation is desired, encouraged and welcome to help infuse fresh ideas to help drive our Chapter in a dynamic manner.

Please, step out of your comfort zone and put your name on the ballot.  Time is of the essence and the need is great.  Please direct your inquiries directly to me by return email.  I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Thanks for your consideration,


Claudia M. Barrientos-Hickox RN, MSN, CNOR

AORN Chapter 3201 Nominating Committee


Need this year

When elected




Every year


1 yr


Every year

President Elect

2 yrs (1 as PE and 1 as Pres)


Even years


2 years


Odd years


2 years


Odd years

Board of Director

2 years


1 odd, 2 even

Nominating Committee

2 years